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In 1931, Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen wrote the following essay:

A Plea for Intolerance

“America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance-it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.”

“Tolerance is an attitude of reasoned patience toward evil … a forbearance that restrains us from showing anger or inflicting punishment. Tolerance applies only to persons … never to truth. Tolerance applies to the erring, intolerance to the error … Architects are as intolerant about sand as foundations for skyscrapers as doctors are intolerant about germs in the laboratory. Tolerance does not apply to truth or principles. About these things we must be intolerant, and for this kind of intolerance, so much needed to rouse us from sentimental gush, I make a plea. Intolerance of this kind is the foundation of all stability.”

[Taken from Alliance For Life Ministries]


Missionary of The Month

Rev. & Mrs. Gerhard Meyer (Grace) their children Esther, Melody, Jessica, Joy. Youth/Camp/Pastoral Ministries. Richbergstr 11, 34639 Schwarzenborn, Germany.


Congratulations to Frank & Susan Levi on the birth of their daughter, Sophia Noelle Levi, she was born October 2, 2004 and weighed 5lbs 5oz. The proud grandparents are Rev. & Mrs. Levi & Barbara Sullivan.


“Shield of Faith”

The television ministry of St. Andrew’s may be seen on WJYS Channel 62, Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. We are receiving an increasing number of contacts from viewers. Do be in prayer for this ministry. VHS and DVD recordings of the programs may be purchased by contacting the church office.



Learn more about St. Andrew’s through our website:


Homecoming Sunday

November 7, 2004. Plan now to attend and invite others. There will be a luncheon following the service.


Episcopal Visit

The Rt. Rev. Daniel Morse, Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Mid-America, will be at St. Andrew’s on Sunday, November 7, 2004.


Spaghetti Dinner

Saturday, November 13, 2004, 5-7 p.m. in the Parish Hall. The menu includes: spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, salad, and dessert. Adults $6.00/Children under 12 $3.00. Support Our Missions!


Community Thanksgiving Service

Wednesday, November 24th at 7:30 p.m. Tinley Park Reformed Church, 16530 S. Ridgeland Ave., Tinley Park, IL.



Begins Sunday, November 28, 2004.


Feast of St. Andrew

Tuesday, November 30, 2004. Potluck in the Parish Hall 6:30 p.m. Holy Communion 7:30 p.m.


Rally Day

Everyone had a good time, September 12th, at the launch of our Sunday School year with Rally Day! A number of helium-filled balloons with special messages attached were released by the children to mark the beginning of this fun event. An outdoor picnic followed with hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, salads, special side dishes, and desserts. There was plenty of food, games, and fellowship. A special “thank you” goes to all who participated and especially to the cooks, Mike Acke and Loretta Sellers!


Curate’s Corner

I am very happy to report the first service of our new “St. Paul’s Mission” was held at the conference center of the La Quinta Inn in Schaumburg, IL. The sermon was entitled “The Myth of Neutrality” which was followed by Holy Communion. Snacks and coffee were served after the service. Services will be held every Sunday at 6pm. Please be in prayer for this new mission of the Reformed Episcopal Church. Anyone interested in supporting this new work is encouraged to contact the Rev. Craig Smith. Always remember, there is a place for you!


Operation Christmas Child

You may have noticed a new display table in the Narthex of St. Andrew’s. This year we are participating in something called “Operation Christmas Child.” This is an outreach ministry where people come together and demonstrate the love of Christ by putting together shoeboxes full of gifts that are sent to poverty stricken children throughout the world. Often these gifts are the only means by which the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love is communicated to children. Imagine the impact this has on a child growing up in a war-torn land like Iraq, where the child’s first exposure to the Gospel comes through the hands of a stranger handing them a package of gifts with the message, “Here, Jesus loves you.” A video and written material describing the program are available for personal or group viewing. We will be having a wrapping day, Saturday November 13th, 3:00 p.m., (wrapping paper will be furnished) followed by a package dedication Sunday Nove mber 14th. If you would like to put together a shoebox gift, or would like to be involved with this ministry, contact our Operation Christmas Child program director, Cheryl Yapp.


Confirmation Class

Our current confirmation class has been meeting for several weeks now. Two tests have been taken by our students and I am happy to report that they are all doing exceptionally well. There are six students in the class, Alex Rago, Michaela Smith, Benjamin Woodard, Anna Woodard, Paul Woodard, and Rebecca Woodard. Four of these students are also actively serving St. Andrew’s as acolytes. Our thanks and our prayers are with them all. The confirmation service is scheduled to be held at the next Episcopal visit of our Bishop,The Rt. Rev. Daniel R. Morse, Sunday November 7th. Be sure to mark your calendars, this will be an important day!



Happy Birthday!

Nov. 3 – Bishop Franklin H. Sellers
Nov. 17 – Olive Denning
Nov. 19 – Doris Sellers
Nov. 21 – Bryan Reagan
Nov. 29 – Rev. Craig H. Smith


A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Lord, thou hast indeed been bountiful. As we look back over the years, how gracious thou hast been, how tender thy mercy, how warm and constant thy love.
Create within us, our Father, that true gratitude that shall make this day of Thanksgiving one of rededication, when we shall think not of how much we can eat but of how thankful we ought to be.
So may we – all across this land today – act as recipients of God’s richest mercy and bountiful blessing, as we share, with others. May we, in gratitude, get on with the job of creating not only a nation but a world in which all men shall have the right to seek happiness.
Help us to make that dream come true in our homes day by day, in street and office and school, and so to live that thou shalt be able to bless us and bless the nation for which we pray. In his name, who created us as a nation, we pray. Amen.

by Peter Marshall

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