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[The following article by Bishop Franklin Sellers was first published
in the February 1979 edition of the Parish Register]

The Christian is reminded that self-examination and introspection are essential to good spiritual health. We are guided by carefully chosen Scripture lessons past the confusing snare of the modern theological hang-up concerning the responsibility for the death of Christ. We are led to avoid the old arguments as to whether it was the Jews’ or the Romans’ fault. The proper use of Scripture and prayer at this time leads us to realize true and godly sorrow as we express sincere repentance for our sins which drove Christ to the cross.

The color for Lent is purple, which symbolized penitence. While most churches have discarded the old custom of marking with ashes as a token of mourning and humiliation, the church today stresses the necessity for confession to God of our failures and sins of omission. Lent gives us the opportunity to develop a deep spiritual life. In this period we study again the story of the suffering and death of our thorned, crowned, crucified Redeemer as he journeyed on to Golgotha. Lent comes to us this year in the midst of disturbing days filled with unrest, frustration and suspicion. Yet, these days, truly spent in prayer and contemplation, help the Christian to successfully overcome tragedy and wrong-doings, and to emulate our Lord in his strong desire to fulfill the will of God.

Lent summons us to recognize the need for personal spiritual growth through private devotions. It also calls us to acknowledge the need in our lives for regular and consistent public worship as a testimony and witness to the power of God to change lives. It helps us respond to the call of service on behalf of others who do not know the great price the Son of God paid to ransom their souls. Thus, Lent introduces us to the subject of “Soteriology,” the way of salvation through the vicarious sacrifice of the Saviour.

In our Book of Common Prayer, the Collect, Epistle and Gospel for each Sunday in Lent lead us step by step through the season until we come to Passion Week, the climatic week that testifies of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem in a manner the Old Testament foretold.


Missionary of The Month

The Bishop Oommen Samuel (Mary), and their children Susan & Brian. Reformed Episcopal Mission, Lalitpur, India.


Topic: How to Profit from Affliction
Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Curtis Crenshaw, Th. D
Dean of Cranmer Theological House
Time: Saturday, March 25, 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Concluding Sunday morning, March 26, 2006 at 9:30 a.m.
Place: St. Andrew’s Church

Plan now to attend. This will be informative and life changing.

Lent begins, March 1, 2006. We will gather in the Parish Hall for Soup Supper at 6:30 p.m. The supper will be followed by a worship service in the Chapel at 7:30 p.m.

Why should we observe Lent?

(1) We observe Lent because it causes us to STOP. Lent says, “Stop and rest awhile.” Lent says, “Stop doing wrong.”

(2) We observe Lent because it says to LOOK. Look forward for an honest self-examination. Look upward to see the Cross of Christ with healing and love. Look forward to the hope of the Resurrection.

(3) We observe Lent because it says to us, “LISTEN.” Listen to the words of Christ, listen to the voice of God, listen to the winds of the Spirit of God.
Just as these three words, STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN, are important for our safety in travel, they may also be helpful for our journey through Lent.

Annual Parish Meeting

Sunday, March 5, 2006 following morning worship.

Our By-Laws state:
The Nominating Committee shall select a nominee for each place to be filled on the Vestry, the Wardens, Delegates, and Deputies, and file a list of such names with the Secretary of the church not less than ten (10) days preceding the annual meeting.
Any other members in good standing, not less than ten (10) in number, may nominate other candidates for membership on the Vestry by filing with the Secretary not less than five (5) days preceding the annual meeting a list of such nominees signed by the nominators. The person so nominated shall also be
candidates for election.

St. Valentine Party

A St. Valentine’s Day Party took place in the Parish Hall on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006. Everyone who attended had a wonderful time. Between courses Shirley Drobnak, Patty Levi and Jim Wahl sang. Several couples told about how they met and their courtship. Rev. Levi delivered a devotional on “The Ideal Relationship.” We thank those who prepared the delicious dishes: Judy Ashmore, Pat Glab, Patty Levi, Carla Yehnert, Therese Welser, and Melba Staat. Thanks also to those who worked in the kitchen and served the tables: Carla Yehnert, Beth & Will Garrison and Frank Sellers. The Parish Hall was beautifully decorated by Anita Rago, Therese Welser, and Melba Staat.





Happy Birthday!

Mar. 1 – Dale Muir
Mar. 3 – Holly Ardizzone
Mar. 5 – Ian Christenson
Mar. 9 – Allison Klingen
Mar. 12 – Amy Christenson
Mar. 17 – Rev. Dr. Derrick Hassert
Mar. 26 – William Burdette
Mar. 26 – Barbara Smith



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