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By Bishop Howard D. Higgins
Reprinted from “EPISCOPAL RECORDER” November 1961

On every hand we hear people say, “I am too busy”, “I do not have the time”. This is true not only of business men, but of housewives, teenagers, and even little children. The automobile and the telephone have made it possible for us to enlarge our sphere of interests and activities. We are a busy people, crowding many appointments and concerns into each day; meeting many people; traveling many miles. Yet, as Chaucer observed in the fourteenth century of one who was very busy, “he seemed busier than he was”. Surely those who say, “I am too busy” believe that they are speaking the truth. They feel hurried and hard-pressed and busy. This sense of harassment lies back of much of our nervous tension and our lack of spiritual strength.

It is a trite but true observation that if you want to get something done get a busy person to do it. This is because those who have acquired many responsibilities and have a lot of things they must do each day have risen to that position because, among other things, they have learned how to organize and systematise their work and time. By making an adjustment in their schedule they can find time to perform an added task.

In the whole matter of the wise stewardship of time, the Lord Jesus set us a good example, as He did in all things. His days of ministry were exceedingly full and yet we see him moving quietly, unhurried, always ready to meet another’s need. He did not say to Nicodemus, “It is too late at night. I do not have time to talk with you now”. He did not say to the woman at the well, “I must hurry on to the next village”. The sense of God’s will for His life was always before Him. That will included being the Good Shepherd as well as giving His life a ransom for lost sinners. He was able to look back upon His life with perfect peace and say, “I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do”. This implies that there is time for every duty. It bespeaks a calm and unhurried attitude toward life.

It is in the field of church work that we frequently are confronted with the reply, “I am too busy”. When asked to participate in the work of the church, to teach that class, to serve on the committee, to visit the sick, to write some letters, instead of dismissing the opportunity with the thought that we cannot do another thing, let us examine our time. Are all the things we are doing now of worth? Might not some of them be better left undone? What time are we wasting? What is the plan of God for our life? Am I being a good steward of the hours which God has allotted me?

He who said that He must be about His Father’s business, would have His followers to be busy in His service. May we never be too busy to serve the Lord.


Parish News

St. Andrew’s Preschool Open House was held on Sunday afternoon, August, 17, 2008. The preschool resumed classes September 2, 2008. Do pray for this vital ministry of the church.

The entire church parking lot was repaved in August. The finished lot is very attractive and serviceable.

Work Day

Saturday, October 18 starting at 9:00 a.m. Everyone is encouraged to come and help with cleaning, painting, etc.

102nd. Synod of the Diocese of Mid-America
Oct. 21, 2008
Church of Our Lord
Victoria, British Columbia

52nd General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church
October 22-24, 2008
Church of Our Lord
Victoria, British Columbia

Missionary of The Month

Greg & Helena Wright. Home Office Computer system. Arab World Ministries. Upper Darby, PA.

Time Change

November 2, 2008.
Daylight Savings Time Ends. Turn clocks back one hour.

Spaghetti Dinner

The Woman’s Guild Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Saturday, November 1, 2008, in the Parish Hall from 5–7 p.m. Come and enjoy the evening with friends and family!





Happy Birthday!

Oct. 1 – Diane Alverson
Oct. 1 – Raphael Ebisi, Jr.
Oct. 2 – Sophia Levi
Oct. 5 – Janet Novak
Oct. 12 – Cheryl Yapp
Oct. 17 – Carla Yehnert
Oct. 27 – Annamarie Sellers

Somebody Cares

Somebody cares and always will,
The world forgets but God loves you still,
You cannot go beyond His Love
No matter what you’re guilty of –

For God forgives until the end,
He is your faithful, loyal friend,
And though you try to hide your face
There is no shelter any place.

That can escape His watchful eye,
For on the earth and in the sky,
He’s ever present and always there
To take you in His tender care.

And bind the wounds and mend the breaks
When all the world around forsakes…
Somebody cares and loves you still
And God is the Someone who always will.

- Author Unknown


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