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“CALLED TO BE SAINTS” (Romans 1:7)

[Taken from Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon]

We are very apt to regard the apostolic saints as if they were “saints” in a more especial manner than the other children of God. All are “saints” whom God has called by His grace, and sanctified by His Spirit; but we are apt to look upon the apostles as extraordinary beings, scarcely subject to the same weaknesses and temptations as ourselves. Yet in so doing we are forgetful of this truth, that the nearer a man lives to God the more intensely has he to mourn over his own evil heart; and the more his Master honours him in His service, the more also doth the evil of the flesh vex and tease him day by day. The fact is, if we had seen the apostle Paul, we should have thought him remarkably like the rest of the chosen family: and if we had talked with him, we should have said, “We find that his experience and ours are much the same. He is more faithful, more holy, and more deeply taught than we are, but he has the selfsame trials to endure. Nay, in some respects he is more sorely tried than ourselves.” Do not, then, look upon the ancient saints as being exempt either from infirmities or sins; and do not regard them with that mystic reverence which will almost make us idolators. Their holiness is attainable even by us. We are “called to be saints” by that same voice which constrained them to their high vocation. It is a Christian's duty to force his way into the inner circle of saintship; and if these saints were superior to us in their attainments, as they certainly were, let us follow them; let us emulate their ardour and holiness. We have the same light that they had, the same grace is accessible to us, and why should we rest satisified until we have equaled them in heavenly character? They lived with Jesus, they lived for Jesus, therefore they grew like Jesus. Let us live by the same Spirit as they did “looking unto Jesus,” and our saintship will soon be apparent.



In Memory

Our sympathies are extended to Rev. Dr. Derrick Hassert and family at the death of his mother, Diane Hassert. Diane passed away on January 17, 2012 at the age of sixty-two. Our prayers are with Derrick, his wife, Sara, and daughter, Renee.

Christmas Nativity Musical Pageant

Mary: Audrey G.
Joseph: Anthony H.
Innkeeper: Gia C.
Cow: Madison M.
Donkey: Addison M.
Lambs: Luciana C.
Kaleb W.
Joseph T.
Maddie L.
Singing Angel: Renee H.
Other Angels: Lexie T.
Gracie M.
Stella L.
Karlee A.
Adult Angels: Sara Hassert
Becky Agent
Sheperds: Bethany T.
Judy Ashmore
Star: Amelia Z.
Wisemen: Will G.
Dominick H.
Cole S.
Stable Keeper: Kaylee A.
King Herod: Jacob T.
Scholar & Director: Patty Levi




2nd Sunday, February 12th , after church
Profits go to missions


Archbishop Robert Duncan of the ACNA has designated February 19, 2012 as World Mission Sunday. Donations to The Anglican Relief and Development Fund are encouraged. Checks may be sent to ARDF, P.O. Box 3830 , Pittsburgh , PA 15230-3830 . We will be observing World Mission Sunday on February 12 th with The Rev. Canon Bill Jerdan preaching at the 10:30 Service.


Love in The Name of Christ of Tinley Park is a newly formed non-profit organization that is dedicated to mobilizing our local Christian churches to help people in need. They have recently secured office space at 6732 173 rd St . , Tinley Park , IL . Love INC is now accepting applications for an experienced professional to fill the part-time position of Executive Director. Applicants must be mature Christians whose lives are dedicated to God's service and to the ministry of unifying the Body of Christ.

Job description and additional info is available from the church office. See Rev. Levi. Resumes must be received by February 20 th . For history, mission and values:


Lent begins Ash Wednesday, February 22
Soup Supper 6:30 p.m. Service 7:30 p.m.


The Diocese of Mid-America will conduct a Christ Growth Seminar at the Cathedral in Katy, Texas February 16 & 17, 2012. Do be in prayer for this important gathering. Rev. Levi and Rev. Tjoelker will be attending the seminar.


Saturday, March 31st from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Fund-raiser for Preschool, $20 a couple
It's for all Church and Preschool couples

Set the date aside now for a fun-filled evening of being served good food, having great fellowship, and enjoying fine musical entertainment.


April 22, 2012 following church
There will be a luncheon prior to the meeting.
All reports need to be turned in to the church office for duplication
no later than Sunday, April 8, 2012.


Please be in prayer for Bishop Gerhard & Grace Meyer, Youth/Camp/Pastoral Ministries, Germany.











Adele O'Brien
Mike Acke
Sara Hassert
Jason Casper
Edwina Greco
Larry Klingen
Lorie Stultz
Barb Rozanski
Dorothy Novak



by Jo Anne Arrowood

Of all the gifts since time began
There's one that's best by far,
The One God gave in Bethlehem
Beneath the eastern star.

For through that Babe He gave His love
For all mankind to share;
And for this love, Christ gave His life,
Our earthly sins to bear.

Oh, to have been in Bethlehem
That night that He was born,
And heard the heavenly angels sing
That glorious Christmas morn!

For to be sure, God's Gift, His Son,
Was beautiful to see.
He's God's great Gift to you, my friend,
And God's great Gift to me!



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