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Starting with Archbishop Thomas Cranmer a series of homilies (sermons) were written based on sound biblical and reformed doctrine. According to Article XXXV “Of the Homilies” these sermons form part of the foundation of our beliefs and practices as Anglicans. The following are a few excerpts from the homily bearing the title “A Sermon of the Salvation of Mankind by Only Christ Our Saviour from Sin and Death Everlasting.”

Because all men be sinners, and offenders against God, and breakers of His law and commandments, therefore can no man by his own acts, works, and deeds, seem they never so good, be justified and made righteous before God; but every man of necessity, is constrained to seek for another righteousness or justification, to be received at God's own hands, that is to say, the remission, pardon and forgiveness of his sins and trespasses, in such things as he hath offended. And this justification or righteousness, which we so receive by God's mercy and Christ's merits, embraced by faith, is taken, accepted and allowed of God, for our perfect and full justification.

This is that justification, or righteousness, which St. Paul speaketh of, when he saith, No man is justified by the works of the law, but freely, by faith in Jesus Christ. And again he saith, We believe in Christ Jesus, that we be justified freely, by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law; because that no man shall be justified by the works of the law. And therefore St. Paul declareth here nothing upon the behalf of man, concerning his justification, but only a true and lively faith; which nevertheless is the gift of God, and not man's only work without God.

And after this wise to be justified, only by this true and lively faith in Christ, speakest all the old and ancient authors, both Greeks and Latins. St. Hilary saith these words plainly, in the ninth Canon upon Matthew: “Faith only justifieth.” St. Ambrose saith these words: “This is the ordinance of God, that he which believeth in Christ, should be saved without works, by faith only, freely receiving remission of his sins.” Consider diligently these words. Without works, by faith only, freely we receive remission of our sins. What can be spoken more plainly, than to say that freely, without works, by faith only, we obtain remission of our sins?

Truth it is that our own works do not justify us, to speak properly of our justification; that is to say, our works do not merit, or deserve, remission of our sins, and make us, of unjust, just before God; but God of His mere mercy, through the only merits, and deserving of His Son, Jesus Christ, doth justify us. Nevertheless, because faith doth directly send us to Christ, for remission of our sins, and that by faith given us of God, we embrace the promise of God's mercy, and of remission of our sins, which thing none other of our virtues, or works properly doeth, therefore Scripture useth to say, that faith without works doth justify.

And the said benefits of God deeply considered, do move us for His sake, also to be ever ready to give ourselves to our neighbours, and as much as lieth in us, to study with all our endeavour, to do good to every man. These be the fruits of the true faith: to do good, as much as lieth in us, to every man; and above all things, and in all things, to advance the glory of God, of whom only we have our sanctification, justification, salvation, and redemption. To whom be ever glory, praise, and honour, world without end. Amen.


Parish News

A special coffee hour was held for Jon and Charlotte Corbett following church on Sept. 2. The Corbetts have moved to the Washington D.C. area where Charlotte has started a new position with the DEA and Jon will continue his ministry with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Our prayers go with them.

St. Andrew's Preschool/Kindergarten resumed classes Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012. Do be in prayer for this outreach ministry.

A funeral service was held at the church for John McNeill, Jr. on Sat., Sept. 8, 2012. Continue to pray for John Jr's parents, John and Joan, and the rest of the family.

Rally Day Sunday, Sept. 9, saw the resumption of Sunday School and the choir singing in Holy Communion. A picnic took place on the church grounds following the service. It was a beautiful day for fellowship and feasting. Thank you to everyone who brought food, carried tables and chairs out, etc. Your help was much appreciated!

A Fall Work Day took place on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012. Thank you to all who came and worked.

A 5 th Sunday Pot Luck was enjoyed by all following church on Sept. 30. An offering for Love INC was received at that time.

In Loving Memory

Tom Bowman, age, 93, passed away Sept. 14, 2012. He is survived by his wife, Marie. Our prayers are with the entire family.





October 14, 2012 with a Pot Luck Meal

Bishop Royal U. Grote will be with us that Sunday, and there will be confirmations and members joining. Also, All Saints' Anglican Church will be here with us for worship and fellowship. Plan now to join us for this glorious service and time together.


Rev. Dr. Matt and Sora Colvin are the first new REC missionaries endorsed by the Board of Foreign Missions in over a decade. Please consider giving them monthly financial support or give a gift to help them get to the mission field in the Philippians this fall. They will be leaving in December. Brochures on their new mission are in the narthex.

Time Change! Fall Back an hour Sunday, November 4, 2012








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