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To Be A Christian


Earlier this year the Anglican Church in North America published a new catechism for the Church bearing the title To Be A Christian. This catechism is a series of 345 questions and answers regarding our faith. The following are the first eleven questions. The entire catechism may be viewed at the ACNA website



1. What is the Gospel?
The Gospel is the good news of God loving and saving lost mankind through the ministry in word and deed of His Son, Jesus Christ. (I Cor. 15:1-4; Romans 5:15; John 1:12; I John 5:11-12)

2. What is the human condition?
The universal human condition is that, though made for fellowship with our Creator, we have been cut off from Him by self-centered rebellion against Him, leading to guilt, shame, and fear of death and judgment. This is the state of sin. (Genesis 3; Romans 3:23)

3. How does sin affect you?
Sin alienates me from God, my neighbor, God's good creation, and myself. I am hopeless, guilty, lost, helpless, and walking in the way of death. (Isaiah 59:2, Romans 6:23)

4. What is the way of death?
The way of death is a life empty of God's love and life-giving Holy Spirit, controlled by things that cannot bring me eternal joy, but that lead only into darkness, misery and eternal condemnation. (Romans 1:25; Proverbs 14:12; John 8:34)

5. Can you mend your broken relationship with God?
No. I have no power to save myself, for sin has corrupted my conscience and captured my will. Only God can save me. (Ephesians 2:1-9; John 14:6; Titus 3:3-7)

6. What is the way of life?
The way of life is a life directed toward loving and responding to God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ, in the power of God's indwelling Holy Spirit, and leading to eternal life. (John 14:23-26; Colossians 1:9-12; Ephesians 5:1-2; Romans 12:9-21)

7. What does God want to give me?
God wants to reconcile me to himself, to free me from captivity to sin, to fill me with knowledge of Him, to make me a citizen of His Kingdom, and to enable me to worship, serve, and glorify Him now and forever. (I John 5:11-12; I Corinthians 5:19; Ephesians 2:19 & 3:19; Colossians 1:9)

8. How does God save you?
God saves you by grace, which is His undeserved love given to me in and through Jesus. “God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

9. Who is Jesus Christ?
Jesus is my Savior, fully divine and fully human. He bore my sins, dying in my place on the cross, then rose from the dead to rule as anointed King over me and all creation. (Colossians 1:15-26)

10. Is there any other way of salvation?
No. The Apostle Peter said of Jesus, “There is salvation in no one else.” (Acts 4:12). Jesus is the only one who can save me and reconcile me to God. (I Tim. 2:5)

11. How should you respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
I should repent of my sins and put faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Lord. (Romans 10:9-10; Acts 16:31)

(NOTE: Questions 12-18 will be in next month's Parish Register.)



The wedding celebration of Rev Shola & Stella Falodun's daughter, Dorcas, was Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014. Congratulations to the happy couple, Opeoluwa Dorcas and Temitayo Abraham Adekunle! Audrey Garrison was a flower girl, and Will Garrison was the page.

Sunday School & Church “Rally Day” Picnic was held Sunday, Sept. 12th, to begin the start of SS for 2014-15. Thank you to all who attended, fixed food, and special thanks to those who put up and took down the tables, canopies, and chairs.

Thank you to all who helped on Work Day, Sat., Sept. 20th.



Missionary of the Month

Please be in prayer for Bishop Jasmin Milic & RE parishes in Croatia & Serbia.


E-mail Addresses Needed

To begin sending the PR out via e-mail, if interested, please send your e-mail address to:

Parish Meeting

A special Parish Meeting will take place following worship in the chapel on Oct. 19th: Presentation of the parish budget for 2015 and voting on the budget.

Episcopal Visit

The Rt. Rev. George Fincke will be with us on Sunday, October 12, 2014


Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 in conjunction with Bishop Fincke's visit…There will be a pot luck lunch in the Parish Hall.

Next Youth Meeting

Sun., Oct. 26, 6 p.m.

Women's Guild

October Meeting is Sun., 26 after church in Vestry Room








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