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(Taken from the writings of John Newton, the author of “Amazing Grace”)


A SHEPHERD is a relative name; it has reference to a flock. This great and good Shepherd has a flock, whom He loved from everlasting, and whom having loved, He will love to the end…He humbled Himself for their sakes, submitted to partake of their nature and their sorrows, took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of sinful flesh. He died for His sheep, ‘the just for the unjust', to redeem them from the curse of the law, from the guilt and dominion of sin, from the power of Satan, and to bring them to God. They, by nature, are all ‘gone astray, every one to his own way'; by having thus bought them with His blood, in His own appointed time, He seeks, finds, and restores His sheep. By the power of His word and spirit, He makes Himself known to their hearts, causes them to hear and understand His voice, and guides them into His fold. Then they become His sheep… They are under His immediate protection and government.

Considered as individuals, they are fitly described by the name of sheep. A sheep is a weak, defenseless, improvident creature; prone to wander, and if once astray, is seldom known to return of its own accord. A sheep has neither strength to fight with the wolf, nor speed to escape from him; nor has it the foresight of the ant, to provide its own sustenance. Such is our character, and our situation; unable to take care of ourselves, prone to wander from our resting-place, exposed to enemies which we can neither withstand nor avoid, without resource in ourselves, and taught, by daily experience, the insufficiency of everything around us. Yet, if the Shepherd be our Shepherd, weak and helpless as we are, we may be of good courage. If we can say with David, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd,' we may make the same inferences which He did, ‘Therefore I shall not want: therefore I need not fear.'


From Jewels from John Newton published by the Banner of Truth Trust




Youth went November 11, 2016 to Lombard to play Whirly Ball . Those participating: Toluwa Balogun, Beth and Will Garrison, Mark & Stella Levi, Uchenna Mochu, Bethany Tjoelker, and Somie Uwaezuoke. What fun!!!!


Thank you to those who attended the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016 and to those who brought all the goodies enjoyed by all after the service.


Thanks much to those who gave coats to Aslan's Wardrobe for the ministry of LOVE INC. Many people will be made warm this winter because you gave.


Sunny Stiklius, our Music Director, celebrated her 80th Birthday in December.


Children, Ucnenna & Clidera Mochu, Audrey & William Garrison, and Lexie and Joseph Tjoelker, getting ready to sing with Mrs. Levi's new microphones on Sunday, Christmas Day, “Happy Birthday, Jesus.”






Last day for collecting non-perishable food items for those in need is Sunday, January 1, 2017. Thank you to all who gave to feed the hungry!



Posted on Bulletin Board. Please sign to Host and bring refreshments for a 2 nd Sunday Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall for a month in 2017.


ANNUAL PARISH MEETING Sun., January 29, 2017

following the Service of Holy Communion. There will be a Pot Luck Meal in the Parish Hall prior to the meeting. Sign-up sheet is in the narthex. All reports should be submitted to the church office by Sunday, Jan. 22nd.



February 12, 2017 in the Parish Hall following service
Price your items & bake lots of goodies to sell
for Women's Guild Mission Outreach!

Sign-up sheet in narthex for goodies you are bringing!




Please be in prayer for Bishop Ray Sutton who at the passing of Bishop Royal Grote became Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Mid-America and also assumed the responsibilities of the Presiding Bishop's office. Plus, be in prayer for Bishop Sutton's wife, Susan. Keep the entire Reformed Episcopal Church in prayer during this transitional time.








Judy Ashmore,
Joseph Balogun,
Toluwa Balogun,
Elaine Spencer,
Shirley Drobnak,
Laura Sutton,
Henry Leenstra,
George Yapp,
Janet Toomey,
Caroline Robertson,
Dare Oni,
William Roy Garrison,
Tade Balogun,
Paul Christenson






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